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Hā–Breath of Life

The Spectacular Story of the POLYNESIAN Soul

Come, experience a legend that lives in every island culture, every village, every home.

It's an ancient, yet universal tale. It's the visually stunning story of a boy born in a distant paradise. He's nurtured by a village, learns the ways of his people, finds love by moonlight, and defends everything with heart-stopping bravery.

It's "Hā–Breath of Life," Oahu's extraordinary NEW night show. Breathe it in.

A world premiere awaits you this summer at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Experience "Hā" - the spectacle of over a hundred performers from across the Pacific, drums, dance, all new music and special effects, a fire spewing volcano and a world renowned fire knife performance.

Come. Breathe it in. And let the island spirit live in you long after your departure.

Hawaii's Newest Ancient Story.

Born just after his parents wash ashore, Mana begins a South Pacific odyssey that leads to becoming a warrior.

In the process, he must prove his worthiness to wed the fair Lani by walking on fire. And, ultimately, he must battle to protect his new family from marauding invaders.

The tale is as old as the islands, and as new as each breath we take.

With the power of surround sound, the aural echoes of Polynesia will ring in your ears as the Pacific culture stirs your soul.

"Hā–Breath of Life." Come, breathe it in.

Performances occur nightly, except Sunday, at 7:30 PM. Reserve early for best seats.


Out of consideration for others in the audience, we ask that ALL CELL PHONES BE TURNED OFF DURING THE PERFORMANCE