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Fact Sheets

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Hā: Breath of Life

Production Cost:

$3 million

Production Timeline:

3 years

Grand Opening:

August 14, 2009


7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
90 minutes with a 10‐minute intermission

Story Synopsis:

This is every man’s story, told through the life of a Polynesian man named Mana. Journey along with young Mana as he is born out of the turmoil of a capsized canoe, washed upon the shores of life to find his way. He and his parents find refuge in Tonga and learn the importance of community. Little Mana celebrates his early years of life in Hawai‘i with the customary birthday lū‘au marking his survival in the world. We next see Mana as a young boy in Aotearoa, or Maori New Zealand, where he is growing and becoming a young man. As he comes upon a beautiful maiden named Lani in Samoa, he learns about falling in love and earning the acceptance of her family. With love comes marriage and soon Mana and Lani are taking their vows in the romantic setting of Tahiti. War touches their lives in Fiji and Mana is saddened by the death of his father. The story begins again with the celebration of life as Mana and Lani welcome their new baby into the world.


More than 100 performers, many of whom are students at neighboring Brigham Young University – Hawai‘i and come from the cultures they represent.

Technical Specifications:

Presented in the 2,675-seat Pacific Theater at the Polynesian Cultural Center, the show will feature animation to transition each section and provide visual narration of the story that is taking place on stage. Guests will be transported into the show as performers appear from all angles of the theater, creating an immersed theatrical experience.


DL3 Digital Moving Light Projectors
Color Burst and Color Blast light fixtures
L-Acoustics speaker arrays
L-Acoustics wireless lavalieres
Surround sound
Kabuki Quick Release System
3 volcanoes
Water spray
Giant water fountains

PCC President:

Von Orgill

Executive Producers:

P. Alfred Grace, Leilua Logoitino Apelu


Delsa Moe


David Warner


Jared Haddock, R. Ross Boothe

Composers and Choreographers:

(in alphabetical order)
Aotearoa – Iraia Bailey, Kim Makekau, Rahira Makekau
Hawai‘i – Keith Awai, Cy Bridges, Ellen Gay Dela Rosa, Victoria Sunday Mariteragi
Fiji – Apisalome Tora
Samoa – Alexander Galeai, Yvonne Ho Kum, David Tiave, David Galea (Fireknife)
Tahiti – Jon Raymond Mariteragi, Raymond Mariteragi, Tiani Mariteragi
Tonga – Semisi Fakatava, Mele S. Latu, Tevita A. Taumoepeau, Telesia Tonga, Walter Tonga

Music Director:

Dallin Muti


R. Ross Boothe

Set Designer:

Orlin Clements, Stephen Crowell, David Warner


Ryan Woodward, Spitfire Studios


Cathy Teriipaia, Fatai Feinga


Designer – Brent Pritchett, 4Wall Entertainment
Supervisor – George Pasi


Designer – Deward Timothy, Poll Sound
Supervisor – Fatafehi Niutupuivaha

Stage Crew Supervisor:

Eti G. Eves

Theatre Manager:

Ellen Gay Dela Rosa

Technical Services Manager:

Sakaraia Yalimaiwai

Cultural Performance Managers:

Tevita A. Taumoepeau, David Tiave

Special Consultant:

Gary Dixon


Admission to the night show is included in all full-day packages. Details can be obtained from a travel agent or by visiting www.Polynesia.com to book online. Call (800) 367-7060 or in Hawai‘i, (808) 293‐3333 for more information. Additional package prices are below:




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